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Mubadala is an investment and development company owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi. Formed in 2002 to support the diversification of the emirate’s economy, Mubadala builds and manages businesses in a wide range of industry sectors, investing to deliver strong financial returns and socioeconomic benefits to Abu Dhabi.

As a business unit of Mubadala, Mubadala Healthcare plays an instrumental role in the creation of a thriving healthcare sector for the Emirate. By establishing partnerships with renowned international medical institutions, it is actively investing to develop healthcare services that provide patients with world class treatment in the UAE.

Mubadala Healthcare prioritizes the region’s most pressing healthcare needs through the creation of specialist healthcare facilities. Through collaborations with international medical organizations, Mubadala Healthcare is bringing the highest standards of clinical expertise to the region and reducing the need for patients to travel abroad for treatment.

Mubadala Healthcare evaluates potential projects both on their likely commercial returns as well as on their socio-economic impact. It aims to establish sustainable businesses, build regional capability and stimulate the overall development of the sector.

Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre joins Mubadala’s portfolio of world class healthcare facilities, including Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, Healthpoint and others. For more information on Mubadala Healthcare’s facilities, please visit Mubadala Healthcare.

For more information about Mubadala, please visit www.mubadala.com.


Medgate is a leading provider of integrated out-patient care in Switzerland. The Medgate Telemedicine Center, Medgate Health Centers and the Medgate Partner Network integrate their work closely to guarantee comprehensive health care for the patient.

Founded in 1999, and with its first telemedicine center opening in 2000, Medgate operates Europe’s largest telemedicine center run by medical professionals, providing up to 4,300 teleconsultations a day and over 4 million since its founding.

For more information about Medgate, please visit www.medgate.ch.


The National Health Insurance Company – Daman is the region’s leading specialized health insurer, providing comprehensive health insurance solutions to more than 2.4 million members in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre’s medical services are offered exclusively through Daman, to its Thiqa and Enhanced card holders only.

For more information about Daman, please visit: www.damanhealth.ae.

International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth

The International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH) is a non-governmental organization in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Based in Switzerland, ISfTeH works to facilitate the international dissemination of knowledge and experience in Telemedicine and eHealth and providing access to recognized experts in the field worldwide.

Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre is an institutional member representing the United Arab Emirates at ISfTeH .

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