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Wafa, Algerian mother with 10-year-old son suffering from a skin infection

“Instead of waiting for over an hour to see a doctor, I decided to give telemedicine a try,” “I called Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre and they asked me to send a picture of the area that was red through their mobile application. A doctor called and spoke with me and told me what medicine to get,” […] “Telemedicine is convenient. If you go to the hospital, you need at least an hour and a half and you get the same advice.”

Sara, 29-year-old Emirati suffering from stomach ache

The Emirati woman hates hospitals and did not want to go to one. On her sister’s advice she tried telemedicine. “I called Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre and spoke with a doctor. I didn’t have to wait long hours at a hospital,” she said adding that the longest she has waited for a doctor at a hospital was two hours. “More people should know about this. When my mum needed help, I told her to use the service too.” “This can be very useful, especially for mums who can’t go out at all hours and many have children at home,” she said.

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Amna Al Azdi, 24 year old Emirati with a fever

“Within 15 minutes of calling and giving a nurse my details, a doctor had called me back,” […] “He told me that my body was just reacting to all the activity I’d been doing, and also readjusting to the difference in climate between Jordan and the UAE. He told me to take fresh juices and water, which I did, and I started to feel better.“ Al Azdi says without the service, she would’ve booked a hospital appointment. “My fever wasn’t serious, but I wanted to know how to deal with it. Speaking to a doctor over the phone gave me peace of mind.“

Kelly Al Muhairi, Welsh-Emirati mother with 2-year-old son suffering from a raspy cough

“I spoke to a doctor immediately with no wait. The service was amazing and the doctor called me back after a couple of hours to check on my son. I’d use it again when concerned about my sons or myself, out of normal hours of Healthpoint [hospital].”

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Jenny Kline, a mother of two young children

“It’s difficult sometimes to know where to go, especially at night. I don’t know of any visiting doctors here, so having someone on the phone would comfort us. At least it’s an expert opinion … not a guess based on the internet.”

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Helping those who keep our traditions alive

“One of the costs of rapid modernisation has been a steady flow of Emiratis away from their traditional homes and towards the coastal metropolises. Most of the time, everyone involved is happy with this process but some people want to continue living in the villages and towns of their ancestors.

These people help ensure our cultural heritage remains strong, which is why they deserve support to ameliorate the challenges of living in remote areas. As we reported yesterday, the Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre was established to ensure that geographic isolation does not compromise the ability of Emiratis to get fast and highly-skilled medical advice at any time of the day or night.

Since the 24-hour service began in 2014, about one third of calls have been from remote areas, mostly in Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah, with a disproportionate number of calls from women with young children who would otherwise be hesitant to go out at night to seek medical help.

Mothers of newborns are often worried about changes in their ­babies’ condition and behaviour. Their fears can be allayed through a discussion with a trained medical adviser. The cultural benefit of helping people stay in their traditonal villages is one of the intangible elements that has to be taken into account when assessing the cost-benefit ratio of the UAE’s changing demographics.”

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