Telemedicine Worldwide

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Telemedicine is a healthcare delivery model established over 40 years ago, beginning as a way for hospitals to extend care to patients in remote areas. Since then, the use of telemedicine has spread across the globe, and through technological advances has transformed into an efficient and convenient model of care.

A proven model

Today, the majority of global telemedicine services are in use across the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Australia – and now the UAE. The International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH) is represented in 85 different countries and territories across the world.

Switzerland’s Telemedicine leader

Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre was established through a partnership between Mubadala Development Company and Medgate, Switzerland’s telemedicine leader, which operates Europe’s largest telemedical center run by medical professionals. Since its founding in 1999, Medgate has conducted more than 4 million teleconsultations, with approximately 4.2 million people currently having access to the company’s telemedical services – with another 1.2 million Daman Enhanced and Thiqa card holders in the UAE having access to Medgate trained physicians through Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre’s services.

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